Posted on 04.08.2013

by Alex Catarinella

Two words: Sleigh Bells. We can also go with “Slaying It” because that’s what the dizzying noise punk-pop duo (vocalist Alexis Krauss and Derek Edward Miller) have been awesomely accomplishing. Let’s discuss their importance: just last week, while waiting to watch then obsess over the Disney-girls-gone-bad unconventional chick-flick, Spring Breakers, I heard (before enthusiastically shrieking over) not one but THREE Sleigh Bells’ jams in THREE different trailers. This means they’ve officially made it in my eyes, though others would probably suggest that one time when Krauss found herself hair-whipping on the SNL stage. You go girl. If you were lucky, you may have experienced the aforementioned terrific terror first-hand recently at SXSW and Ultra where the duo rocked out. (FYI: Their most recent album is titled ‘Reign of Terror,’ so, THERE’S THAT.) I chit-chatted with the sartorial-slaying rockstar about her pre-superstar look, her current goth meets ‘90s punk-pretty princess style, and of course, all things DENIM!

Hey Alexis! So, how has your killer style changed the most since releasing Sleigh Bells’ first single? Do you work with a stylist?
When I started Sleigh Bells, I was just transitioning from dressing like an elementary school teacher five days a week to dressing like a performer. I think initially I was pretty reserved with what I wore. It took some time to develop an aesthetic that worked with our music and to meet people in the fashion industry who were willing to help me out. I've become so much more confident as a result of being in this band and that confidence is definitely reflected in how I dress, especially on stage. I don't work with a stylist but I have tons of friends who give me incredible clothes and help me design custom pieces!

Have you ever experienced any “wardrobe malfunctions” whilst rocking out on stage?
Fortunately no major ones! I dance and jump around a lot on stage so I'm always thinking about preventing any unwanted exposures. I've had a few fans rip my clothing off while crowd surfing but it's all part of the experience of a Sleigh Bells show!

How would you describe your style circa high school? I personally wore only XXL Sean John/Roca Wear/Phat Farm... :-/
Hmmm... dare I say “tomboy hippie punk”? I was a mix between No Doubt era Gwen, Janis Joplin and Angela Chase from My So Called Life.

That kind of answers some of my next question, but let’s do it anyway -- out of all of your fave fictional film/tv characters of past or present, whose clothes would you most like to borrow slash keep forever? (Example: Mine would totally be Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills 90210...)
This is totally cheating but it's a tie between crazy Nancy from The Craft, Lydia from Beetlejuice and Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All.

Marry me right now!!! So, what's your closet situation like? Are you the kind of super organized freak who goes all cray with sorting colors/textures/designers? Or is there just a big hot mess in there?
My closet is pathetically tiny and constantly bursting at the seams! I always have at least one suitcase packed because we're usually touring and I tend live out of it -- even when I'm home. One day I will have a walk-in closet and my clothes will finally get the respect they deserve.

Do you have any special sartorial-slaying items that you MUST bring with you on tour?
I have a black leather hooded bomber jacket that I bring with me everywhere I go. It's the perfect combination of comfortable and fashionable and it goes with anything.

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a denim fan are you? What's your current fave denim piece?
Definitely a 10. I love denim, especially when it's bleached, shredded and studded!

If YOU designed your own line of jeans, how would they look?
I would have to design the ideal pair of high-waisted, button fly, slightly baggy shredded light jeans. The holes in the knees would be just perfect, and even though they'd be loose in the leg, they'd fit great on the butt. They would be masculine enough for Kurt Cobain but sexy enough for Joan Jett!

*Image courtesy of Obesity & Speed