Posted on 04.10.2013

by Mia & Caitlin

In terms of music, Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe pretty much blow our minds.

Together, the two make up the group The Dolls, and the fusion of super-savvy DJ (Moretti) and uber-chic electric violinist (Moe) work to create music that not only consistently gets our butts on the dance floor, but has set the soundtrack from the sickest Fashion Week parties to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to SXSW.

These musical ladies call NYC’s East Village home, and in collaboration with NYLON + DKNY JEANS, the dynamic duo has given us a glimpse into the style and sensibility behind their music. With NYLON + DKNY Jeans, Moretti and Moe have delivered an inside look of their New York lives, and spill the deets on their go-to NYC haunts. Read on for the best place in Williamsburg to bring a date, and where to go to score the most rockin’ sunnies in the East Village.

Best Place To Chow Down: Moto (394 Broadway, Williamsburg)
“Some of the best dishes I've had in New York [have been here]. It's super cozy and there's always a cute little live band every night of the week that makes the ‘20s decor come to life. Don't leave without ordering the date cake! And bring cash.”—Caitlin Moe

Best Spot For A Caffeine Boost: Lower East Side Coffee Shop (442 E. 14th Street)
“I like to go to Coffee Shop on 14th St and Ave A. My boyfriend is British, so whenever he's in America he's always searching for the best authentic NY diners.”—Mia Moretti

Best Place For A Crazy Night Out: Le Baron Chinatown (32 Mulberry St)
“Tuesday nights Jacques Renault and Justin Miller do a night in the basement. That's the best place for disco in the city!”—Mia Moretti

Best Place for a Low-Key Drink: Grassroots Tavern (20 St Marks Pl.)
“Every time I walk in, I immediately feel like I'm in a hole-in-the-wall bar in the South. Pick your own tunes on the jukebox, or listen to the little four-piece jazz band that shows up every once in a while, while you have your whiskey and popcorn.”—Caitlin Moe

Best Place for a Date: Saint Maize (345 Grand St, Brooklyn)
“Saint Maize opened an adorable restaurant downstairs in their basement turned wine cellar. Cozy candle lit tables, a small bar, and reasonably priced wine make it the kind of place you could stay all night. If you venture upstairs, chances are you'll catch a live swing or jazz band.” –Mia Moretti

Best Shopping Spot: Fabulous Fanny’s, (335 E 9th St.)
“Fabulous Fanny's has the best deadstock eye and sunglass collection in the city and a small side room full of hand picked vintage treasures.” –Mia Moretti

Best Place for People Watching: Washington Square Park
“It's like a mini music festival day and night. Every corner of the park is filled with soloists and bands. My favorite is the folk band during the day and the classical pianist who wheels out a piano at night. There's something about listening to a haunting Tchaikovsky piece in the open air in the middle of New York City.” –Cailtin Moe

Best Place To Get Inspiration: Williamsburg Bridge
“Every weekend we're in the city, we grab a book of poetry and take turns reading passages while strolling over bridge. After some food and a couple whiskeys, we usually end up at Saint Maize and then stroll back over the bridge to the East Village. Many of my songs have been inspired by that walk.” –Caitlin Moe

New York’s Best Undiscovered Gem: Marjorie Eliot’s Parlour (555 Edgecombe Ave, Manhattan)
“On Sunday afternoons Marjorie opens up her living room in Harlem for Parlour Jazz! No cover charge from 3 to 6 p.m.” –Mia Moretti