Posted on 04.19.2013

by Alex Catarinella

I met Natalia Kills long before she was showering herself in bills, bills, bills in music videos with, turning many a fashion heavyweight’s head (Jeremy Scott and Prabal Gurung are amongst her fashiony fans), and going on tour with, you know, Ms. Katy Perry. *Faints* It’s been far too long since Kills’ purrrfect debut, Perfectionist, but now -- THANK THE DARK POP GODS -- Kills is back with her sophomore LP, Trouble. Well, almost. A few months ago, she served us with a little bit of trouble with the electro banger that is “Controversy,” complete with a cray music video which involves a designer-clad Kills rocking a killer cat eye smize. Then, just a few wonderful weeks ago, Kills decided to casually tweet that her first single from Trouble was now on iTunes. I would say I fainted, but, in fact, being Kills’ BFF has its perks, like hearing the pop gems as they’re being made. *Flips hairs, snaps gum* The salacious single, “Problem,” is basically my/every bad girls' anthem. She better work! But, seriously, Trouble is all sorts of heel-strutting, hair-whipping, off-key-shower-belting amazingness. Which means, borrow the nearest ventilator because she's about to take your breath away. Anyway, because I’m a kind person, I’m gonna try my best to help you prepare for Trouble’s TBD release... with a Q&A from the dark pop goddess herself.

Hi Natalia Kills! Okay, describe TROUBLE in one sentence. And don’t you dare steal my description aka girl interrupted pop!
High impact pop!

Oooh! I like that one. So, what song on the album are you most proud of and why?
I still dance around the house singing “Problem”! I feel like I finally wrote a song that totally describes my personality… which was not as easy to do as I thought it'd be!

Ok, so let’s talk more about “Problem.” Who’s this about? Is this your version of Girl Power albeit with an axe in your designer bag?
It's kind of a love letter to a boy I had met. I wrote it while he was sleeping... all wild haired and dreamy... He looked beautiful laying there -- I felt so inspired. He knew I was terrible before we even met each other, but he still came and talked to me that night.

You know, lightness is attracted to darkness... according to my beginner’s Kabbalah book. Anyway, is there more getting your heart broken or you breaking hearts on the album?
Definitely more heartbreak. It’s actually pretty raw and vulnerable.

On a lighter note -- what posters were hanging on your wall as a teen?
Manson and Eminem. I saw them both in concert too.

Biggest fashion regret?
I wore my hair in braids and wore baggy jeans and cute tops for years. I looked like the 4th member of TLC. When I was 21, I got my first pair of heels… since then I haven't looked back!

What's the secret behind your killer bangs?
I cut them everyday. No, really! Like, every time I get out of the shower. That's how I get them so straight.

And what about your flaw-free skin? *Sighs*
I think it’s just a combination of genetics and hygiene… I really don't have any magical tips or secret potions.

NOT FAIR. Moving on... how would you describe your style circa high school?
I left school at 14 so I didn't go through the “high school” thing as intensely as I should have. I was definitely more punk/goth than I am now though.

On a scale of 1-10, rate your denim devotion.
I love boys who wear faded jeans folded up at the ankle with no shirt on… and I just bought a white denim shirt/dress that reminded me of the Escada one my mother used to wear when I was 7… so maybe out of 10, a 7 I guess…

Time for some fun! If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?
Now that's cruel!

Ok, ok... one color! White.

One fabric: Leather or neoprene.

Fragrance: Midnight rain (La Prairie)

Lipstick: Any by YSL… the packaging alone makes me want to wear it!

Eyeliner: They're all the same…

What was your most recent major fashion purchase?
I just bought two pairs of Prada sunglasses with the daisies all around the top… they're divine!

So, let’s say you’re a denim designer... your signature jeans would look like:
Skinny, with really thin, lightweight stretch denim and small pockets that make your butt look incredible… I like some in off-white to go with my "mom" shirt!

*Photo courtesy of Jacob Dekat