Posted on 04.24.2013

by Mia & Caitlin

There were plenty of things we loved about our NYLON TV x DKNY Jeans Downtown Minute episode with DJ duo The Dolls, but going into the weekend, one that really sticks out in our mind (besides those awesome floral pants) is the floral hairpiece Mia Moretti wore for part of it. Is there anything that screams spring more than a crown of flowers? Exactly.

As it turns out, it's practically a signature for them--both Moretti and her violin-rocking bestie Caitlin Moe can regularly be spotted showing off their petaled accessories behind the decks and on social media. "The flowers we usually wear in our hair aren't headbands, but flowers that I usually grab by the bunch at the corner mart and bobby pin into a braid," explains Moretti.

For the shoot, hairstylist Marcos Diaz of Ion Studio was inspired by their surroundings: "We were messing around with a necklace and we saw a beautiful vase of flowers on the table at The Bowery Hotel, so we figured, why not? I put Mia's hair in a top knot, wrapped the necklace around the base, and then used it as an anchor to pin the flowers in."

He's not the only person who Moretti and Moe have turned to for getting in bloom; Alison Valentine of 11 x 11, a New York City-based flower and design company, recently created the wreaths that The Dolls wore (and showed off on Instagram) while down in Miami. "Flower crowns are definitely statement pieces, so I love to wear mine with low-key, understated pieces," she recommends, adding, "For crowns with flowers going all the way around the head, I prefer to wear my hair down, all flowing and natural. For undoes I love half-moon crowns, which only go halfway around the head."

If you can't make it to New York to pick up one of Valentine's creations, they're actually surprisingly easy to make on your own. If you don't have a vase of flowers to "borrow" from, Valentine recommends the wholesale market on 28th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Manhattan to do some shopping. "For simple crowns I would recommend spray roses or daisies; the smaller flowers like these are easiest to work with," she notes. "Other materials you will need to make your crown are a pair of flower clippers, rustic floral wire, green spool wire, and ribbon." In total, she says first-timers should expect to spend about 30 minutes making their own crown.

Too much fuss? "One easy DIY fix is to braid your hair in two pigtails and pin them against your head, forming a crown braid--then all you have to do is follow the line of the braid, bobby-pinning whichever flowers you like to the front of the braid," suggests Moretti. And just remember: There's no right way to get in bloom. "Regardless of what you end up doing, in the end just remember to have fun--it's just hair and don't take yourself too seriously or it defeats the whole purpose," Diaz says. Moretti has similar advice; as she puts it, "There are countless ways to do it, and quite frankly there's no wrong way. Any flower is better than no flower in my book." --REBECCA WILLA DAVIS