Posted on 04.25.2013

by Tyler Blackburn

Best known for keeping his cool as bad boy Caleb Rivers on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, actor Tyler Blackburn is a total California boy, with a chill, down-to-earth attitude and relaxed vibe. But while the Burbank native makes his home on the West Coast, he can’t resist the charms of New York City’s concrete jungle.

“I’m from L.A., but New York is obviously one of the best cities in the world,” Blackburn explains. “When I do get to go over there, I definitely spend all of my time in Brooklyn, specifically in the Williamsburg area. I really love it over there. I like to escape the city a bit and feel a little bit more calm.”

NYLON + DKNY Jeans spent a Downtown Minute with Blackburn chilling out on the Williamsburg Bridge and talking about his particular approach to style (we have to say, the boy looks good in a hat—and he knows it), love of denim, and current reading material (at the moment, it’s Jack Kerouac’s drug-addled classic On the Road).

We rang up Blackburn in L.A. to get the skinny on his favorite NY spots, and where he goes for some much-deserved R&R when he hightails it to in Brooklyn.

Best Place To Chill: Brooklyn Flea (East River State Park at N. 7th Street)
“The Flea Market is awesome. For me, it has a little bit of everything. I’m a pretty low-key sort of guy, so I like to keep it pretty simple and calm. The Brooklyn Flea is a go-to place to just walk around. It’s a great place to people watch.”

Best Pizza: Roberta’s (261 Moore Street)
“We don’t have pizza like that in L.A., that’s for sure!”

Best New York-Style Shopping Destination: Oak (55 Nassau Street)
“It’s pretty hipster-y--I don’t really love that word, but it’s more my style than anything. It’s definitely a little bit different than something you would find in L.A. I feel like, as far as fashion goes, New York has a pretty specific sort of vibe. It’s hard to explain, I guess maybe it’s a the cuts of things, the length of things…they have the small characteristics of a New York-based place that caters to a very New York vibe.”

Best Place For A Night Out: The Jane Hotel (113 Jane Street)
“I guess you can say it’s kind of a club atmosphere, but it’s a little bit more lounge-y. It’s my favorite place to go out. It’s an older hotel. I love that place, it’s kind of like The Haunted Mansion.”

Best Place To Party: The Box (189 Chrystie Street)
“For the most debauchery I’ve ever had in New York, it’s The Box. That place was insane. [Laughs] I mean, I saw things one should never see.”