Posted on 04.26.2013

by Alex Catarinella

I may or may not have found myself on many NY nights out dancing on my own to Gordon’s “Dirty Talk” -- it’s a timeless strut-friendly, “twerkin’” classic, you guys. But my heart truly murmured for Gordon when I found myself having the privilege to sit next to/drool over her at the front-row of The Blonds’ wild Spring/Summer ‘13 runway show. *Flips hair* In a sea of bedazzled corsets and technicolor bottoms, Gordon stood out by simply being unfairly drop dead beautiful. I think then what happened was me squealing over her jams followed by us trading numbers followed by textathons…and the controversial love affair began!! JK. Moving on: I’m currently obsessed with her grimy gem of a banger, “TKO” featuring The Oxymorrons, and especially its music video which involves Gordon hitting the Chinatown streets with her hipper-than-everyone posse. SO MANY LEWKS. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s some illuminati type of stuff going on, and for a second there, I thought I might be epileptic. You are SO magical, Wynter. <3 Anyway, I chatted with the dance floor diva for y'all, and, PS, her style game is SO on point. Read on!

Hey girl! Rumor has it you’re taking on a new musical direction... What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
I’m headed to LA to finish the production and a few more songs for a new project coming in a couple of months. I'll also be writing for some other artists. I’m working on a bunch of fashion projects as well.

Exciting stuff! What posters were hanging on your wall as a teen?
I had a lot of Beyonce when I was a teen -- she is the greatest performer of my generation. I was also a weirdo and would clip out newspaper articles that inspired me. I had pics of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Leonardo DiCaprio up there, too...

UH-MAZIN. How would you describe your style circa high school in five words?
Budget, polyester, young, tight, DON’T.

LOLz. So... Biggest musician related fashion fail?
It’s always my makeup that I regret -- too much foundation, too little concealer. There was this one time at the MTV Europe Music Awards when my friend, Samantha Black, made me this sexy killer red dress and I decided to be a rebel and wear biker boots... bad decision!

If you could raid your style icon’s closet, whose would it be and what would you take?
Carrie Bradshaw and Kate Moss... I would take everything!!!

Thatta girl! What are your favorite fashion mags?
V, Bullett , ELLE, Vogue, W, Dazed and Confused and Marie Claire.

How has your style changed the most since your early “Dirty Talk” days?
I had no say in what I wore for my first video. These days, I really make everything my own. I wear a lot of my own clothes in videos, so it’s a bit thrift, vintage and high fashion. These days I’m also taking more risks -- I feel like less is more.

Time for some F-U-N. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a denim fan are you? I’m a six.

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life (besides DKNY, duh), who would it be? Jean Paul Gaultier.
One color... Black.
One fabric... Patent leather (a la Trinity in The Matrix).
One fragrance... Prada Floral.
One lipstick... Ruby Woo by MAC.
One eyeliner... Liquid Blast by MAC.

Most prized fashion-y possession?
My silver Marc Jacobs cowgirl boots.

So... Let’s pretend you’re a denim designer. What would your designs be like?
Five years ago I would have said tight and cigarette. But I’m totally into the baggy not trying hard to be sexy thing. I don’t like blue jeans anymore -- any other color but all American blue.

What would you name your denim line? BLACK MUSE