Posted on 05.04.2013

by Angela Pham

Angela Pham knows how to work a camera. Known for her nightlife photography of the downtown NYC scene, we set her out on an assignment to capture DKNY Jeans in their optimum setting…out on the town.

People are generally surprised when I tell them I was once a very shy girl, and that this is the reason I am a photographer today. I picked up a camera during my early years at NYU, and found true inspiration while living and playing in London. I thought of my camera as a shield from social embarrassment but also as a vehicle to see and experience a life/culture that was not my own. Post-graduation, I shot nightlife stories for Vice UK and other publications I admired, which lead me to where I am today: shooting nightlife (among other things), but being paid to do it! I especially am drawn to nightlife photography because being out in New York makes you feel as if you're at the epicenter of the world.

For this particular night out, I happened to be with my cutest friends: Sonja and Andy (both in their DKNY Jeans). I still do reserve some of that childhood shyness, so I mostly enjoy shooting subjects I know, rather than anonymous models. We started out Westway, chatted with friends, and then made our way to a dance party in Bushwick. The night was rather memorable, but I also have the photographic documentation just in case...

Andy is wearing the Bleecker fit, while Sonja is in our Tye-Dye Jeggings., both available at Macy's.