Posted on 05.17.2013

by Ian Bradley

Super stylist and downtown New York staple Ian Bradley finds sartorial inspiration everywhere—but he admitted to us that movies have a profound influence on his taste. With the weekend upon us, there’s no better time to kick-off a very well-dressed movie marathon—and thanks to Bradley, we’ve got the ultimate list of the most fashionable films of all-time. Ready to press play?

The Movie: Clueless
Why: “At the age of nine, this movie changed everything for me, from the way I dressed and the way I spoke, to the way I socialized. I still reference this movie at least once a day. It's not just a movie, it's a lifestyle.”

The Movie: Mahogany
Why: “Diana Ross playing a model-turned-designer; need I say more? This movie is insanely glamorous. Even though it came out 10 years before I was born, I'm convinced it was made specifically for me.”

The Movie: The Warriors
Why: “Can't imagine myself walking around with a leather vest and no shirt, but The Warriors sure make it look good. Each gang they fight throughout the movie has better style than the last; even the Baseball Furies make baseball uniforms seem like a reasonable day look.”

The Movie: Party Girl
Why: “The montage scene where Mary tries to seduce a falafel vendor wearing a series of fly outfits, is filled with inspiration for the ‘90s trends we've been seeing lately.”

The Movie: Catwalk
Why: “This documentary follows Christy Turlington and her friends Naomi and Kate (no last names necessary) through the spring/summer 1994 show season. It's enamoring to see the humble beginnings of current-day fashion legends, including a young pre-Dior Galliano and a makeup-free Donatella.”

The Movie: Belly
Why: “A cinematic celebration of the excessive style of hip-hop of the late ‘90s, written and directed by music video vanguard Hype Williams. The "shiny suit" aesthetic has seemed to make a return with artists like Kanye West and ASAP Rocky. The opening scene looks just like how a Rihanna song sounds. “

The Movie: The Outsiders
Why: “The jeans and T-shirt uniform of Ponyboy and his crew is--and will always be--a winning formula for men (and even girls). Simplistic, yet always stylish.”