Posted on 06.12.2013

by Angela Pham

It's all about a great pair of DKNY JEANS shorts for summer. After hearing word of Angela's weekend getaway to upstate NY, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for her to give our favorite styles a test run. Check out the results below!

In New York City, your summer escape of choice speaks volumes. Most people opt for the seaside, but I love being in the mountains -- wading cold rivers, collecting wildflower bouquets at dusk, desperately hoping for bear sightings. Because my job is so social, I come here seeking utter tranquility. On a recent trip upstate, I decided to try out my new DKNY JEANS shorts. All throughout the sun-drenched weekend, the shorts paired perfectly with bikinis, sheer caftans and brimmed-hats. I felt perfectly dressed for a weekend full of friends, food and fun. Much to our chagrin, we never saw our bear, but we did find that beautiful, ethereal peace of mind.

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