Posted on 06.14.2013

by Annabelle Dexter-Jones

Yesterday we let you in on a day in the life of Annabelle Dexter-Jones—the actress, model, designer, and all-around cool girl (not to mention half-sibling to Mark, Samantha, and Charlotte Ronson). Though you may be wondering just where she does all of her book shopping—we promise, we’ll let you in on that New York City secret soon—if you’re anything like us you were probably equally obsessed with her onscreen outfit.

So we did some sleuthing and tracked down the exact look she’s rocking in the still above from her NYLON TV episode. Load up on these denim essentials, and then stay tuned for more insider info from the downtown It Girl!

DKNY Jeans Patched Denim Jacket in Sum Love Wash - $89.50

DKNY Jeans Shorts in La Playa Wash - $49.50

DKNY Jeans Shirt in Ombre Denim Wash - $69.50