Posted on 06.17.2013

by Alex Catarinella

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Dan Black is pop music’s savior in the dude department. Pop star proof includes his bold penchant for hitting the stage rocking smeared Blade Runner-ish eye-makeup, his seriously bananas music videos, and, yes, those euphoric electro gems (often referred to as “wonky pop”) complete with tear-jerking, tequila-on-the-dancefloor-friendly lyrics. His latest single from his forthcoming album is the awesome and addictive “Hearts” which features the woman responsible for bringing all the boyz to the yard(s) aka Kelis. (PS, as of this week, you can purchase that baby on iTunes right here). But what’s a pop star without impeccable head-turning style? I mean, would Prince be Prince without the ruffled shirts, the leggings, the wedge boots?! And I dare you to imagine Michael Jackson without those iconic jackets (my favorite being the “Thriller” red leather magical moment)! Alas, there’s nothing to fashion fear here: Dan Black’s sartorial-slaying style game earns an A+. Read all about it (and more) with my fashion-y chit-chat with the cheeky and charming UK pop import below!

So, tell us about the new music… in a sentence!
It sounds like a lonely robot, sitting on a mountain, humming his unfinished symphony to himself.

CANNOT WAIT. How did the collab with Kelis come about? And what's your fave Kelis song?
We toured together, but weirdly never really spoke. But then some months after she asked me to go write with her in Spain. Which, being a huge fan of hers, I leapt at. I love loads of her songs but “Caught Out There” literally changed my life.

Same. Do you work with a stylist? How has your style changed since releasing your first album?
Not really -- now and then for one off projects. For this album, I am trying a kind early ‘50s crooner tux meets Henrik Vibskov with a dash of war paint.

I majorly approve. Have you experienced any wardrobe malfunctions on stage?
Sure. Things rip all the time, make-up running into my eyes -- but then they're pretty much standard occupational hazards for me!

How would you describe your style circa high school in five words?
Enthusiastically lost in a thrift shop.

What's the last song you listened to?
These New Puritans - “Fragment 2”

Tell me a surprising secret about you… that will now no longer be a secret.
I'll give you two -- I was placed here to scout out your planet, by a species far superior to yours, for future colonisation, and I'm secretly addicted to fresh almond croissants.

I think I love you. Out of all of your fave TV/film characters of all time, whose clothes would you most want to borrow?
Cary Grant in anything really.

Let's pretend like you're in NYC and you have a day off… what would be your ideal day?
Going out to one of the boroughs that I don't know, hanging out with some locals. Hanging!

What's your closet situation look like? Hot messy? Super organized?
I just moved so it looks pretty poor. Un-hot messy really. It's doing my head in but I haven't had a moment to sort it yet. Maybe after this interview!

What's on your tour rider?
Decent tea. Decent wine. A fully working betamax video cassette player with a decent selection of films. Or a laser disc player.

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a denim fan are you?

Let's pretend you did a collab with DKNY Jeans -- what would they look/feel like?
White. It's so hard to find quality white jeans for men. They would feel like melted crystal :)