Posted on 06.18.2013

by Annabelle Dexter-Jones

With an apartment right by Washington Square Park and a busy schedule that has her running from fashion shows to parties, it’s no wonder that Annabelle Dexter-Jones knows her way around New York City.

So after she took us to some of her favorite downtown spots (if you missed the video, watch it here), we had to get her full list of It Girl-approved NYC destinations. Her biggest advice for exploring in the warm weather? Be on two wheels. “It’s just cool to bike around,” she explains, adding, “Go all the way uptown and check out the museums, or bike to Brooklyn. That’s a really good way to see everything.”

Whether you’re a longtime resident like Dexter-Jones or just visiting for summer vacation, here are the rest of her favorites:

Best Bookstore: Left Bank Books (17 8th Avenue)
“It’s where we actually shot the video! You never know what they’re going to have—so you don’t go there looking for something specific. I’ll just go in not knowing what I want and come out with something I’ve never heard of. I’ve become friends with the people who work there so they know my taste now and recommend books for me. I’ll go there every couple weeks!”

Best Place For Dinner: Torrisi Italian Specialties (250 Mulberry Street)
“Torrisi is really good Italian--and it’s small and cozy.”

Best Vintage Spot: The Quality Mending Co. (15 Prince Street)
“I buy a lot of vintage, and I love Quality Mending Co. They have work clothes, which is what I wear if I’m not wearing a dress usually. So I found a great shirt there, and I found a really cool old jacket. They have great American vintage stuff from the ‘50s, which is the best quality.”

Best Place To Grab A Coffee: The Smile (26 Bond Street)
“Those are my friends, so it’s nice to say hello. I’ll usually have a coffee and they have some good smoked salmon!”

Best Place To Party: The Cabin Down Below (110 Avenue A)
“Usually when I go out, it's to dance. So usually if I go somewhere with good music, I like mostly everything else about it—it goes hand-in-hand.”

Best Theater To Watch an Indie Movie: Film Forum (209 West Houston Street)
“It’s a chance to see movies that are before your time in the theater, which I think is really cool.”

Best Theater To Watch a Blockbuster: Regal Battery Park Stadium 11 (102 North End Avenue)
“If I’m going to see a good action movie, or a good rom-com, I love the Battery Park movie theater. I don't want it to seem like I don't love blockbusters, because I do--I think that's just as important!”

Best Beach: Coney Island
“I’ve been desperately trying to go to Coney Island [this summer] but so far it's just not working! I’m really trying to get there, just for the atmosphere. I don't go for the beach, but I just think it's such a cool place.”