Posted on 07.08.2013

by Colton Haynes

Although born in Wichita, Kansas, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Colton Haynes knows New York better than most visitors; after all, the Teen Wolf and Arrows actor got his big break in the city as a model when he was just 15 years old. “I probably come to New York close to 10 times a year,” Haynes estimates, adding, “I would definitely move to New York if I could!”

After showing us around his favorite spots, he put together his must-see guide to downtown. Prepare to travel like a local—or at the very least, an almost-local.

Sheep Meadow (Central Park, W. 67th Street)
“Every single year me and my sister go to Central Park in the summer and take a picture on the bridge that reflects the buildings on the water.”

Tribeca Grand Hotel (2 Avenue of the Americas)
“I stay there whenever I go to New York—they have a really great vibe.”

John Varvatos (315 Bowery)
“I go to John Varvatos a lot—I love that it’s kind of shabby-chic, which is really cool.”

Sleep No More (McKittrick Hotel, 530 W. 27th Street)
“It's pretty much just walking through and all this Shakespeare is going on around you. It’s one the of the most incredible things I’ve ever done!”

The Dead Rabbit (30 Water Street)
“It’s in the Financial District and has really cool mixology drinks. I’d recommend the Moscow Mule or the Old Fashioned.”

Brooklyn Flea (90 Kent Avenue)
“They have this little fair and all these local artists come together and they sell their art, sometimes for $30. I bought two things there last time!”

The Hamptons (Long Island)
“I’ve been going out there for the past four years—my friend has a place--and it's really nice and calm and we don't leave the house. We just hang out, because they have a pool.”