Posted on 07.11.2013

by Alex Catarinella

Make some foxy room, Adam and Ray (RIP Charlie)! There's a new totally cute dude on the Williamsburg block/HBO's Girls set, and his name is Michael Zegen. I actually met Zegen a few years ago when I was freshly out of college at a house party, and I'm pretty sure I complimented his dimples #UnclearOn Fast forward to approx a month ago and everyone from Rolling Stone to NYMAG is losing their minds as a result of Zegen getting cast on Girls. You go boy! Zegen's resume was already kind of really impressive though, with roles on, you know, the critically acclaimed Boardwalk Empire and the also critically-acclaimed Frances Ha, an indie flick starring indie princess Greta Gerwig AND Adam Driver, best known as Adam Sackler from, yes, Girls. Anyway, the other day I hit up Zegen via FB chat and he was down to chit-chat with me for the DKNY Jeans’ blog. Topics ranged from his thoughts on his boss, Lena Dunham, his penchant for film catering and skinny (but not TOO hipster skinny) jeans, and his crush on... Miss Piggy. Read on!

So, where were you when you got "the call" about being cast on Girls?
I found out I got the part while I was at MOMA for the Frances Ha premiere. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched. Made the night that much better.

I'm assuming spilling anything about your character is a big top secret no, no... So I’ll ask this instead: are you bonding with anyone on set just yet? How's the catering?!
I will say that Lena Dunham is pretty awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as driven and focused as she is, especially at her age. AND she’s a funny gal as well. Film catering is ALWAYS good! The chefs do a heck of a job. Shoutouts to Johnny Crafty and Augusto!

Girls is super Brooklyn... got any favorite Brooklyn spots?
I may be in the minority, but I’m actually digging the Barclay’s Center. Saw a concert there last week, and it was dope. Plus I’m from New Jersey, so go Nets!

If you could play the love interest in a film with any actress, who would it be?
Definitely Miss Piggy. Or Meryl Streep.

You've done your thing on the TV screens A LOT so far… got any TV show obsessions/guilty pleasures?
I find myself watching a lot of baseball and Antiques Roadshow these days. I’m also down with any show that has dudes with metal detectors digging for relics. Maybe that’s just the Goonie in me.
Okay, moving on to fashion. What was your style like in high school?
I was a theater geek, and I maybe owned like three shirts. My biggest regret is that I wish I hadn’t worn a baseball hat all the time, because it’s given me permanent hat-head.

What's your NYC closet situation like?
I’ve got like six. Literally! Yes, I’ve experienced much animosity from the opposite sex regarding my closet sitch.

Okay, so, on a regular day, you're wearing:
A vintage t-shirt. For some reason, shirts from the 80’s fit me perfectly, and they’re just ever so soft!

What's your pick for song of the summer?

Good pick! What's the last film you saw in theaters?
Frances Ha. I watch it every day at the IFC center…it’s that good!

Alright, so, since this is DKNY Jeans and all... how do you like to wear your denim?
Skinny! But not TOO skinny. Wouldn’t wanna be mistaken for one of them hipster-folk…

*Photography by Darren Keith