Posted on 04.17.2014

by Angela Pham

Every April, New Yorkers in the know migrate en masse to the deserts of Palm Springs for the annual Coachella music festival. After hearing word our contributor, Angela Pham, was making the trek to join the fun, we set her on a mission to style and photograph our new favorite DKNY JEANS fits under the desert sun.

A week before Coachella, though I meticulously chose a handful of outfits to wear, I somehow managed to fill an entire large suitcase. I assumed it would be too swelteringly hot to wear clothes at all, but the April weekend weather proved to be perfect for sporting my DKNY JEANS -- mild during the day, and a bit chilly in the evenings.

While most other girls were wearing super short cut-offs and crop tops, I wanted to take a more tasteful, modest approach (always the contrarian!). For one of my first outfits, I wore a loose pair of DKNY boyfriend jeans paired with a men's button-up with a desert graphic. To feminize the look, I chose a sleek pair of open-toed, heeled mules and left my hair long.

For my second look, I was opting for total comfort, as I would be at the festival the entire day. I wore a DKNY for Opening Ceremony logo tank paired with DKNY Jeans white denim shorts. Inspired by singer/party guru Andrew WK, I chose to go all-white; I also felt it added a layer of chic-ness to the casual look. Topped it all off with simple 90's-ish platforms. It was nice to be able to enjoy the festival in such a relaxed look, but still feel totally downtown-chic.

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