Posted on 04.21.2014

by Angela Pham

Being an event/party photographer can either be a bummer because you watch your friends rejoice while you work, or awesome because you're essentially being paid to have fun. This festival weekend was, thankfully, the latter. I arrived in Palm Springs early on Thursday to prepare for the crazy weekend, but instead was convinced to stop by my friend Jen's house party down the street. Jen is one of the coolest girl I know in LA. She introduced me to her LA posse, who were all so quintessentially LA, with their sexy denim shorts, statement platform boots, arms decorated with of jewelry and tattoos, and perfectly-manicured, sharp nails.

The next day I was assigned to shoot DJ Mia Moretti's daytime "Rat Pack-Themed" Party at classic Palm Springs hotel Ingleside Inn. I absolutely adore Mia's personal style; her and her friends were dressed in vintage floral bikinis and various flamboyant accessories -- oversized sunglasses, large-brim hats, Japanese umbrellas. That evening, I was so excited to check out the acclaimed SoHo House Pop-Up at the Merv Griffin Estate, this expansive mansion with open bar/kitchen and lots of little cabanas along the infinity pool. That was the most luxurious, very "Miami", and my most favorite thing about the Festival weekend.

Sunday was the final day of the Festival, and I was assigned to shoot Street Style. There were so many photographers shooting Street Style, but there was literally so much ground to cover, and so many interesting takes on "the Festival Look", that we didn't feel like we were all getting the same shots. I was wearing a vintage caftan, and to my secret pleasure, that seemed to draw a flurry of Street Style attention. It was a dream, being able to photograph while my favorite band, Neutral Milk Hotel, played live in the background. I realized in that moment, that I really loved my job!